Emmanuel preschoolers learn quickly that they are special to God and to the church. Our leaders and teachers in the preschool ministry create a caring environment conducive to a child’s stage of life.

Preschool Sunday school is available for infants through kindergarten. Here the children learn about God, themselves, family and the stories of scripture. Through songs, books, art and guided play, preschoolers are taught about Jesus’ love for them and for the world.

On Wednesday nights, the preschool students participate in Mission Friends. Under the leadership of caring adults, the children learn how they can honor God through acts of worship and service.

The preschool ministry also includes events and activities throughout the year. Some of these include Vacation Bible School, an Easter egg hunt on Palm Sunday, and our annual church picnic.

preschoolOur nursery provides care for children age 6 weeks through Kindergarten during most worship services and church events. Nursery staff are carefully screened and trained in child care and are C.P.R. certified. We strive to reflect to our children that God loves and cares for them through the love they receive at church. A child security system is in place to insure that each child is safely returned to his parent.

One very special moment for preschoolers and their families comes early in life. When an infant is a few months old, the pastor and family will schedule a time for the church to offer its blessing to the child during a Sunday morning worship service. During this blessing, the pastor will introduce the child to his or her family of faith and ask the church to affirm its commitment to know the child by name, to pray for the child and to help shape the child’s faith. The pastor also gives the family a letter to be opened years later when the child is baptized. This reminds us that in the act of blessing, we are claimed by our faith. Later in baptism, we claim that same faith in our own lives.


At Emmanuel, we believe that all people are created in the divine image. We especially want children to know this at an early age. We help children see that they are wonderfully made in the image of the God who loves them. Through the care of trained leaders, children discover that church is a place where they can have fun while growing in their faith.

Living the Stories

In our Sunday school program, children 1st Grade through 6th Grade learn the story of Christian faith through scripture. Classes are designed for age-appropriate material so that children can learn and understand. Our teaching team knows each child by name and helps them know what it means to live in relationship with God and each other.

Singing our FaithYM

A graded choir program allows children to experience the joy of singing and making music. Children’s choirs meet weekly throughout the school year on Wednesday evenings at 5:45 pm immediately following the church-wide supper at 5:00 pm. Older children have additional opportunities for music enrichment through singing in worship services and with the Louisiana Baptist Children’s Honor Choir.

Learning to Serve

On Wednesday evenings, children learn how they can share the love of God with others. Through their group missions, children work with their leaders and each other to make a real difference in the community and the world. Mission groups meet at 6:30 pm on Wednesdays, immediately following children’s choir.

Making Transitions

We know how important it is to find ways of marking the significant moments in life. All of us go through various stages of faith, and we need some ways to transition between those stages. As our kindergarteners move into first grade, each child is presented with a Bible. The deacons of the church make this presentation on a Sunday morning, placing a bookmark on a verse of scripture they pray on the child’s behalf. As students move from 6th grade to 7th grade, they receive a hymnal from the church and are reminded that we have a singing faith.

The Ministry of Play

Children also learn that their laughter and joy is a vital part of their faith. Throughout the year, children experience a number of fun trips and activities. Some of these include an annual Easter egg hunt, seasonal parties, and trips to zoo, the alligator farm, and the Sci-Port Discovery Center in Shreveport. Children also participate in the Alexandria Mardi Gras Children’s Parade every year with their own float as the “Krewe of Emmanuel.”