What kind of building renovation work will the Connections campaign enable us to do?


Our hope is that gifts from this campaign will allow us to complete the entire first-floor renovations included in the master plan created by Merriman-Holt Architects.  This first phase would include the new entryway and gallery, the new gathering space outside the sanctuary, two new elevators to access both second and third floors, and the new music suite with a larger choir room.  Weems Hall would also be expanded to accommodate Wednesday night meals, and office space would be reconfigured for easier access from the new entryway.  Additionally, all first-floor classrooms and restrooms for the church and Day School will be updated and renovated.



Will existing issues with water leaks be addressed in the renovation?


Absolutely.  Based on our architect’s advice, we’ve already enlisted the services of a water infiltration engineering firm to provide an analysis of existing issues.  This analysis will then be incorporated into the work plans of our contractor, Tudor Construction.



Are capital campaign contributions made in addition to regular giving to the church budget?


Yes.  All gifts to the Connections campaign are considered over and above our regular giving to the church.



What is the time frame for financial commitments?


Commitments are based on a three-year pledge.  While some members may be able to give a larger portion of their commitment upfront, others will prefer to make regular gifts (weekly, monthly, quarterly) from June of 2014 until June of 2017.



When will construction begin?  When would it be complete?


Once financial commitments have been made, it typically takes between four and six months for the architect and contractor to finalize plan details and scheduling.  This means that the renovation work would begin by the Fall of 2014.  The estimated time frame to complete the first phase work is 16 to 18 months.




How would the renovation plan affect Pilgrimage to Bethlehem?


The Building Committee emphasized to our architects the important role Pilgrimage plays in our community ministry, while also acknowledging that we did not want to design an architectural plan based only on the needs of one ministry.  With the church-approved master plan, we would be able to use the script and set elements of the past, allowing for some changes to how the “synagogue” and “manger” scenes are configured.



What about other financial sources such as church endowments, federal tax credits, and borrowing money?


We feel that $2.5 million is a bold but attainable goal for commitments from our church members.  We will certainly explore all financial options in fulfilling the vision before us.  Any decisions to draw from our investments or borrow money will be made in a responsible manner through consultation with the proper committees and a vote by the church.



When do we turn in our commitment cards?


Each household will be mailed a commitment card.  Over the next few weeks, we ask that every family give prayerful consideration to their own gift potential.  Our Commitment Sunday is scheduled for May 18.  On this day, commitment cards will be turned in, and we will celebrate with a church-wide lunch following worship.



What if I can’t be there to turn in my commitment card on May 18?


For those unable to attend the May 18 service, commitment cards can be returned before that date.  Cards should be mailed to:

Emmanuel Baptist Church

Attn: Pat McKee

430 Jackson St.

Alexandria, LA 71301