Emmanuel Baptist Day School is a wonderful place for children to experience school life. We offer a well-balanced meaningful curriculum that incorporates academic, social, creative and spiritual learning. Children engage in age-appropriate activities where they become active and involved in their own learning.

We integrate motor, social, emotional, language and cognitive development through widely divergent learning experiences. Developmental skills are taught through weekly thematic units that enhance children’s interest and enthusiasm for learning. The children experience a print rich environment that fosters phonological awareness and is conducive to pre-reading skills. Language development and discovery learning are integrated throughout the school day. Literacy is nurtured by learning to write the manuscript alphabet. Math skills are taught using a hands-on: “theme based” curriculum. Multi-sensory experiences allow the pre-k child to develop concepts and problem solving skills and express oneself in a warm and relaxing atmosphere.

Individual and cooperative plays are a very important part of our program. Classroom activity centers allow for movement, exploration and integration of content. Children’s curiosity is enhanced when they are involved in their own learning through exploration and experimentation of their environment. Pre-K children bring classroom learning experiences to life through unit based field trips. Opportunities for spiritual growth come from monthly visits to the chapel led by our pastor Chris Thacker.

Children attend music classes weekly where they are exposed to a variety of musical genre. As of last fall, we now offer “enrichment classes” on Wednesdays: the 1’s learn sign language; the 2’s alternate between sign language and Movement & Me; 3’s take science and art; and the 4’s have classes in French and art.

We are a Class B licensed facility and the Pre-K class is taught by a certified teacher. All of our staff are college educated and love children. Here at Emmanuel Baptist, the Pre-K child emerges as a happy, creative individual eager to continue learning, discovering and absorbing the world around him.

Class A and Class B license prohibits discrimination by child care facilities on the basis of race, color, creed, sex, national origin, handicapping conditions, or ancestry.

For more information call Emmanuel Baptist Day School at 318-442-7775 or email dayschool@emmanuelalexandria.org.


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