Our Heritage

According to early church minutes in the archives, Emmanuel began as “…the first Southern Baptist church of Alexandria-Pineville, organized on Tuesday, September 6, 1881 with twelve charter members…” On March 30, 1893, the 56 member body held special services at the Alexandria courthouse and voted to acquire property in Alexandria, enlarge the work of the denomination in Alexandria and Pineville, and change its name to Emmanuel, meaning “God with us.” From those humble beginnings, Emmanuel has rejoiced in a proud heritage of Baptist tradition.

As we did in 1881, we continue to seek God’s direction. We are reaching people for Jesus. We are making a difference in the future of our community. With the renovation of downtown and greater accessibility through I-49, a renewed spirit fills the people. A committed congregation and quality ministerial staff look expectantly into the future toward worship, fellowship, ministry and growth in the heart of central Louisiana.

Our Statement of Purpose

Emmanuel Baptist Church is a community of baptized individuals who claim Jesus Christ as Lord of their lives and seek to serve Him daily. Recognizing the uniqueness of being a downtown church with a regional ministry, the purpose of Emmanuel is:

  1. To provide distinctive opportunities for worship and study for the glorification of God and the maturing of the Christian;
  2. To spread the Word of God’s reconciliation and redemption through all the world that broken lives might experience salvation through Jesus Christ;
  3. To provide special ministries for the unmet needs of the Alexandria-Pineville area, while maintaining traditional ministries and programs;
  4. To provide a network of Christian fellowship and support where concerns and joys can be shared.

Core and Associated Values

  1. Worship: Creativity, Tradition, Depth, Music
  2. Love: Compassion, Trust, Mutual Respect
  3. Bible Study: Spirituality, Teaching, Openness, Personal Growth
  4. Missions: Outreach, Evangelism, Congregational Growth, Integrity
  5. Prayer: Faith, Spirituality, Intercessory
  6. Families and Fellowship: Openness, Community, Supportiveness