Emmanuel stands in the stream of a Baptist heritage that began with a passion to support the work of missions. We support the work of on-field personnel (missionaries) through prayer and funding, but we also share in God’s mission through the work of church members.

Medical Missions

Approximately four times per year, Dr. Tom Robinson and a team of volunteers travel to various locations in Mexico to perform eye examinations and surgeries. Over the course of a weekend, Dr. Robinson and his team will often perform more than 100 surgeries, including those for cataracts, glaucoma and cornea transplants.

Dr. Charles Norwood travels primarily with a mission team in various Asian countries. He has worked in China, Indonesia, and Thailand offering medical healing and spiritual care.

Lake Providence

As part of the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship’s rural poverty initiative, Emmanuel works to provide resources and build meaningful relationships in the Lake Providence region in the northeastern part of the state. Once a year we provide backpacks and school supplies for children in the community. Kate Murphy, a local artist and member of Emmanuel, designed and coordinated the painting of a mural in Lake Providence. Students from the local schools contributed ideas and images reflecting what their community means to them.

Partners in Missions

Emmanuel partners closely with agencies in our own community to provide volunteers, financial support, and prayer. We work in coordination with The Shepherd Center (a program for helping people in crisis), Hope House (shelter of homeless women and children), Turning Point (shelter for battered women), Rapides Habitat for Humanity, the American Red Cross and the Central Louisiana Homeless Coalition.

Benevolence Ministry

In addition to our work with partnering community agencies, Emmanuel also helps to find resources for those in need. As a neighbor to the downtown Salvation Army, we help arrange transportation and make connections for those seeking food and lodging, employment, educational opportunities and medical attention.