Pilgrimage to Bethlehem

December 5-9, 2019

In 1998, a few people from Emmanuel began “dreaming out loud” about a unique ministry to tell the story of Jesus’ birth. As other folks joined in the conversation, it grew into what we call “Pilgrimage to Bethlehem.” More than a Christmas pageant or a living nativity scene, Pilgrimage is a full-scale re-creation of 1st century Bethlehem. Hundreds of volunteers from the church and community put in thousands of hours to bring the city to life. In addition to the tour portion of the experience, musicians and actors present a continuously running Christmas program in the sanctuary for groups waiting to enter the city.

Since Pilgrimage requires upwards of 18 months of preparation, we typically schedule the event in alternating years.  All are invited. And as in years past, admission is absolutely free.